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Useful Japanese Travel Phrases – Accommodation

When we travel, there are various methods of choosing the accommodation we will stay at. But have you ever been in a situation where you only realized the hotel you just stayed at has this awesome facility, such as a private bath with a great view that you didn’t utilize during your stay because you didn’t recognize the direction signs in the hotel?

To ensure you never get into a situation again, read on and learn some commonly used vocabulary and Japanese phrases before your next Japan trip!

Free or Not?


In Japan, whenever you see 「無料」(muryō), it means that a product or service is free of charge.
This is our favorite Japanese vocabulary (´▽`*).

The opposite to 「無料」is 「有料」(yūryō). So when you see these two characters, prepare to pay!

Commonly Used Phrases at Hotels

You can interchange the underscored word with any vocabulary suitable for the situation.

  • すみません、荷物を預かって貰えますか?Sumimasen、nimotsu wo azukatte moraemasuka?(Excuse me, can I store my luggage here?)
  • はい。 お荷物は1件のみでしょうか? Hai。Onimotsu wa ikken nomi deshōka?(Yes, you can. Just one piece of luggage for you?)
    Note for this phrase, the staff will replace the number with the actual number of luggage that you hand to them.
  • そうです。お願いします。Sō desu。onegaishimasu。(Yes, please)
  • すみません、エレベーターはどこですか? Sumimasen, elebētā wa doko desuka? (Excuse me, where is the elevator/lift?)
  • すみません、空港シャトルを予約したいです。Sumimasen, kūkōshatoru wo yoyaku shitai desu. (Excuse me, I want to make a booking for the airport shuttle bus.)

Different Types of Common Facilities

Please note that in Japanese, “R” is pronounced as “L” (‘ω’)ノ

JapaneseJapanese Pronunciation English
インフォメーションカウンターinfomēshon-kauntāInformation Counter
宴会場enkaijōBanquet room
フィットネスセンターfittonesu-sentāGym/Fitness center
プール/室内プールpūru/shitsunai-pūruSwimming pool
喫煙コーナーkitsuen-kōnāSmoking area
理容室/美容室riyōshitsu/biyōshitsuHair dresser/barber shop
大浴場daiyokujōPublic bath
露天風呂rotenburoOutdoor bath
ビジネスセンターbijinesu-sentāBusiness center
会議室/ミーティングルームkaigishitsu/mītingu-rūmūMeeting room

Self-Service Facilities

JapaneseJapanese Pronunciation English
自販機(ドリンク類)jihanki(dorinkurui)Vending machine (drinks)
自販機(スナック類)jihanki(sunakkurui)Vending machine (snacks)
コインランドリールームkoinrandorī-rūmuCoin laundry room
共用トイレkyōyō-toirePublic toilet
共用キッチンkyōyō-kicchinCommunal kitchen
コーヒーメーカーkōhīmēkāCoffee maker


JapaneseJapanese PronunciationEnglish
シャトルバスshatorubasuShuttle bus
空港シャトルkūkōshatoruAirport shuttle bus
バス乗り場basunoribaBus stop
駐車場あり/なしchūshajō ari/nashiThere is a car park/there isn’t a car park
自転車レンタルjitensha-rentaruBike rental
レンタカーrentakāCar rental

Common Free Services

If you stay at the same hotel for more than one day, your bedsheets/towels…etc will usually be replaced. If you don’t require this service and want to be more eco-friendly, then please put out the 「清掃不要 (seisō fuyō)」or 「起こさないでください (okosanaide kudasai)」plate out at the doorknob to notify the cleaning staff.

JapaneseJapanese Pronunciation English
荷物預かりnimotsu-azukariLuggage storage
客室清掃サービスkyakushitsu-seisō-sābisuRoom cleaning
外貨両替gaikaryōgaeCurrency exchange
24時間対応フロントnijūyojikantaiō-furonto24 hours concierge
モーニングコールサービスmōningukōru-sābisuMorning call service
Wi-Fiサービスwaifai-sābisuWifi service

Common Paid Service

JapaneseJapanese PronunciationEnglish
ケーブルチャンネルkēburuchanneruCable channel
テレビカードterebikādoTV card for TV channel
ドライクリーニングdoraikurīninguDry cleaning
ルームサービスrūmusābisuRoom service

And if You Just Can’t Understand what the Other Party is Saying



Japanese Pronunciation: Sumimasen, nihongo ga amari dekinainode, eigo demo daijyōbu desuka?
English: Sorry, I don’t really speak Japanese. Can you say it in English?

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