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Kameya: The Top Traditional Confectionery Maker in Kawagoe

A must-try traditional Japanese confectionery shop in Kawagoe is Kameya (亀屋). It was established in 1783 and was chosen as a dedicated sweets maker for the lord of the Kawagoe Domain. As you can imagine, the highly regarded confectionery maker had earned a fortune. So in 1894, the fifth owner of the shop spent a substantial amount of money and constructed the magnificent Kameya that we see today.

Before you enter Kameya, check out the window doors on the second floor. The sides of the doors are designed to match the door next to them. Thus, when the windows are opened, the doors connect with each other and flatten out!

If you inspect the roof tile carefully, you can see the shop and the Yamazaki family’s crest, a crossed hawk feather (違い鷹の羽)!

At the main store in Kawagoe, a small gallery showcases how it became a major confectionery maker in Saitama Prefecture. It also has retail counters in the department stores in Japan’s big cities!

Among many of its delicious sweets, the most famous is Kameya’s Monaka, which is traditionally made by combining two slim mochi wafers with azuki bean paste sandwiched in between. Instead of the usual round shape, the Monaka sold at Kameya is in a turtle shell shape, reinforcing the shop’s name, Kame. In addition to the usual red bean paste, it also offers seasonal Mocaka, such as cherry blossom flavor or matcha.

The other confectionary that matches the shop’s name is the Dorayaki (どら焼き). The two pieces of castella are in the shape of a turtle. Because of its cute appearance, it is very popular among female customers.

Another traditional confectionery you can try is Kogane-imo (こがね芋). The sweet potato-shaped traditional dessert has a cake-like but firm outer layer, while the interior is stuffed with dry white bean paste. As you bite into the Kogane-imo, the scent of cinnamon will spread throughout your mouth (*´ω`).

For those who prefer Western-style desserts, a recommendation is the Koedo Kawagoe Imochou Cream Puff (川越芋シュー). The choux pastry has a moist yet chewy texture. And it doesn’t just have a sweet potato shape. The cream inside is also sweet potato-flavored! The cream puff’s sugar level is lower, thus a snack that won’t make you feel guilty while strolling around the historical township of Kawagoe!

In addition to the cream puff, you can also try the Koedo no Kokoro (小江戸の心), which is traditional style chocolate filled with seasonal fillings.

Kameya Main Store’s Business Hours and Access Information

  • Kameya Main Store is open from 9 am to 6 pm.
  • The shop is around a 15-minute walk from Honkawagoe Station.
  • You can also take a bus and get off at Nakamachi (仲町).

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