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MONZEN TERRACE ENYA: A Great Restaurant Close to Zenkoji

Monzen Terrace Enya (エンヤ) is an Izakaya-style restaurant at the starting point of Zenkoji Temple‘s approach. Befitting the restaurant’s name, it has a large comfortable terrace at the back. When the weather is good, sit at one of the tables on the terrace for the fresh air. There might even be a few adorable dogs that came with their owners!

Enya is housed in an elegant, traditional-style building. The dining space is spacious. It even has a second floor, where the sofa seats are. The restaurant has a bright and welcoming vibe, making your time here pleasant. Moreover, the terrace seats are replaced by transparent dome tents in winter. The dining experience in those tents on snowy days is fantastic and romantic.

As the restaurant opens every day, it is a great spot to dine, especially during the New Year’s period when most restaurants are closed.

What’s on Enya’s Menu

While there isn’t a vegan menu, plant-based options are available, especially in their a la carte menu. Some examples include avocado rolls and vegetable tempura. In particular, try their Nozawana tempura (野沢菜の天ぷら). The restaurant’s staff are friendly and are happy to customize some dishes so they don’t contain animal products.

English menu is available to make the ordering process easier. If you run into any issues with ordering the vegan options, you can use the phrases in our Essential Japanese Travel Phrases for Vegetarians and Vegans article.

If you don’t mind the non-vegan broth, the soba ramen (蕎麦ラーメン) is a special dish that can mostly be found here. Buckwheat noodles are used to replace the standard yellow wheat noodles. Thus, it is a fusion of soba and ramen noodle soup. After all, buckwheat is one of the top specialties in Nagano Prefecture! Note that if you don’t eat meat, remember to ask the staff not to add the chashu (braised pork belly) to your noodles.

Enya also has a cafe menu consisting of various tasty cakes and drinks. If you are unsure what to order, get an apple puff (大きなアップルパイ). The pastry has a crispy skin and is filled with sweet apple slices. Made using the locally grown apples, the pie is amazing. Note that the puff is big. Sharing one serve between two people may be a better idea.

We also recommend the Soba Tea Pudding (自家製そば茶プリン), another dessert on the menu. The pudding is full of buckwheat aroma.

MONZEN TERRACE ENYA’s Business Hours and Access Information

  • Monzen Terrace Enya is open from 11:30 am to 10 pm throughout the year. It doesn’t closed during the new year period.
  • The restaurant is a 20-minute walk from Nagano Station.
    • If you take Nagano Dentetsu, get off at Gondō Station (権堂駅). The restaurant is then a 10-minute walk.
    • If you plan to take a bus, get off at Zenkoji Daimon (善光寺大門).

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