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Cat Island


Oujima – The Island Filled with Tasty Tempura and Cute Cats

If you are both a foodie and a cat lover, you will find Ou Island (Oujima, 奥武島) in southern Okinawa very attractive. What could beat the experience of filling your mouth with Okinawa-style tempura while observing cute cats doing adorable cat things? Furthermore, you have a magnificent ocean view as the backdrop!


Yu Island – Kumamoto’s Cat Island and a Historical Landmark

East of Kumamoto City, in the middle of the Ariake Sea (有明海), Yushima (湯島) is a small island with a circumference of 4 km. Although the island doesn’t even have a convenience store, it has become a tourist spot because of its large feline population!


Sanagi Island – The Hidden Cat Island on the Seto Inland Sea

Sanagi Island (佐柳島) in Kagawa Prefecture‘s Nakatado District (仲多度郡) was originally known for the Daitengū Shrine. The long‐nosed goblin enshrined here is famous for his ability to help pilgrims retrieve their lost items. However, more recently, Sanagi Island has been known as a cat island, where cats jump between the stones on the embankments along …

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Tashirojima – The Utopia for Cats and Cats Lovers in Tōhoku

Tashirojima (田代島) is a small island east of Ishinomaki City (石巻市) in Miyagi Prefecture. It is the only “cat island” in the Tohōku region, where the cat population is larger than human residents (61 humans vs. more than 130 felines). So many locals refer to the island as Cat’s Island (Neko no Shima, 猫の島).