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Shirahone Onsen: One of the Best Onsen Resorts in Matsumoto

Surrounded by mountains, Matsumoto City has a wealth of hot spring sources. Among them, Shirahone Onsen (白骨温泉) tops the list with its picturesque natural scenery and cultural elements. Putting its somewhat scary name aside, you will surely be enchanted by the onsen town’s charm!


Norikura Kōgen – Matsumoto’s Hidden Picturesque Destination

Apart from Kamikōchi, Norikura Kōgen (乗鞍高原) is another breathtaking place in Matsumoto City in Nagano Prefecture. The best thing about the relatively off-the-beaten-path destination is that it isn’t as crowded as Kamikōchi, and you can drive there without relying on public transport. So read on, and find out more about the charm of Norikura Kōgen!


The Must Go Shops and Restaurants in Nakamachi Street

Not too far from Matsumoto Castle, there is a street lined with traditional houses with a rather unique appearance. Nakamachi Shopping Street is the main street of the old Matsumoto. The houses on this street all look more or less like traditional warehouses. The reason? Fire hazard prevention.


The Best Five Temples and Shrines in Matsumoto

Temples and shrines can be found everywhere in Japan. Among a large number of religious attractions in the country, a couple of them offer a more unique experience in each city. For Matsumoto, we reckon the below five temples and shrines below are worth your attention and time!


Explore the Old Schools in Matsumoto, Japan’s Education Prefecture

While not existing anymore, Matsumoto City once belonged to a prefecture called Chikuma (筑摩県) between 1871 to 1876. Although the prefecture lasted less than five years, Chikuma Prefecture is known for its passion for education. In a short period of time, many schools were established with a high enrolment rate. Even after Chikuma Prefecture was …

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Yohashira Shrine and the Delicious Shops in Nawate Street

If you are walking towards Matsumoto Castle from Matsumoto Station, you might walk past one of Matsumoto’s most revered shrines, Yohashira Shrine (四柱神社). But before you reach the shrine, you will see some frog monuments on Nawate Street (繩手通り)!