Mt. Shosha – The Beautiful Mountain Overlooking Himeji


When people talk about Himeji, they talk about the beautiful all-white Himeji castle and the Kokoen garden next to the castle. Both attractions can be easily accessed from the Himeji Station. However, whilst both the castle and garden are well-known attractions, we recommend that you should also extend your visit to one of Japan’s hidden gems – Engyōji Temple at Mt Shosha (書写山)!

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Mt. Shosha’s Unique Vegan Cuisine Experience

Mt Shosha - Shojin Ryori

Vegetarian-friendly restaurants are hard to come by in Japan. It might be easier in big cities like Tokyo and Kyoto, but in less visited areas like Mt. Shosha (書写山), we vegetarians must do our homework to find the best dining options available and to ensure we have enough energy to explore!

When you come to Mt Shosha, Engyōji Temple must be in your itinerary for the day! The most important reason of course, is to eat!

Engyōji not only does provide multiple dining options to its visitors, but also no reservation is required for its Shōjin Ryori (Buddhist vegetarian cooking)!

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