Izushi – A Castle Town that Retains the Past Eras’ Remnants


Izushi (出石) is a quaint town in Toyooka City where you can find traces of Japanese history dating back to the Edo period. Although it might not seem like it now, the castle town used incredibly prosperous. This prosperity earned it the title of Tajima Province’s Little Kyoto! Because the town is sitting atop the train lines, little changes were made to the appearance of the town. This enabled its selection as an important traditional buildings preservation district.

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Toyooka – The City of Extraordinary Landscapes and Sceneries


Toyooka (豊岡) is a city in northern Hyōgo Prefecture. Starting from the famous hot spring resort Kinosaki Onsen with views that had been recognised by the Michelin Guide, to the amazing landscapes created by volcanic activities in Genbudō Park and Kannabe Kōgen, this city is packed with beautiful sceneries and natural wonders! Having the Sea of Japan located on one side, it has been said that Takeno Coastline is considered to be one of the best beaches in Japan. With clean and highly transparent water, the beach is perfect for swimming and for those wanting to engage in all kinds of water sports!

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Kannabe Kōgen – The Crater and Other Astonishing Landscapes


If you are visiting Kansai and are looking for a resort area, consider Kannabe Kōgen in Hyōgo Prefecture’s Toyooka City! It is a plateau located in the outer ring of Mt. Kanabe (神鍋山) and is known as one of the leading ski resorts in Kansai. When the breath of spring releases the Kannabe Kōgen from the long cold winter, it is a perfect place for outdoor recreation activities.

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Kinosaki Onsen and the Stunning Michelin Certified Scenery


Kinosaki Onsen (城崎温泉) at northern Hyōgo Prefecture has become more and more popular among tourists both locally and overseas. And it won’t be hard to understand the reason at all once you have seen the Michelin two-star rated scenery from Mt. Daishi (大師山) and the other historical and cultural charms of the hot spring resort that has prospered for more than 1,300 years!

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