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The Best Guide on How to Get from Haneda Airport to Tokyo

If it is your first time traveling to Tokyo and you are on a self-guided tour, the first challenge you might encounter is how to get to the hotel in Tokyo from the airport. While the Transportation System in Tokyo is really convenient, it is also complicated. So below is a summary of how you can get from Haneda Airport to Tokyo’s city center. If you are landing at Narita Airport, refer to our Guide on How to Get from Narita Airport to Tokyo!

Tip: If you are a vegan, refer to HERE for a list of cafes and restaurants that serve vegan meals. But note the information may be outdated due to COVID-19.

The Different Ways to Trave from Haneda Airport to Your Hotels in Tokyo

There are several ways to get to Tokyo’s city center from Haneda Airport. Obviously, the more convenient it is, the more expensive it will be.

Mode of Transport from/to Haneda AirportCostTime RequiredFrequencyWhere to Purchase the Ticket
Airport Limousine (リムジンバス)Depending on your destination
☛ Usually between 1,000 to 1,300 yen to Tokyo’s 23 special wards
☛ Around 1,000 yen to Tokyo Disney Resort
☛ More expensive if your destination is further away from Tokyo. For example, it can cost close to 4,000 yen to Tochigi Prefecture (栃木県).
From around 35 minutes☛ One bus every 30 to 60 minutes for the main stops within Tokyo’s 23 special wards.
☛ One bus for every hour to three hours for other stops
☛ From Airport Limousine’s ticket counter.
☛ Most major hotels’ concierge
☛ Book online through klook
Tokyo Monorail (東京モノレール)500 yen for a one-way tripLess than 20 minutes to Hamamatsu-chō Station (浜松町駅)One service per 3 to 15 minutes From the station’s ticket vending machine
Keikyū Line (京急線)300 yen for a one-way tripLess than 15 minutes to Shinagawa Station (品川駅)One service per 5 to 10 minutes From the station’s ticket vending machine

☛ Get the Monorail and Yamanote Line Discount Ticket (モノレール&山手線内割引きっぷ) if you arrive on weekends or public holidays, including the 29th of December to the 3rd of January. With the 500 yen ticket, you can get off at any station on JR’s Yamanote Line after making a transfer at Hamamatsu-chō Station.
☛ If you arrive on a weekday and will be flying out of Haneda Airport within 10 days, get the Monorail Hawari Return Ticket (モノレール羽割往復きっぷ) for 800 yen to save some money!

Why Many People Choose to Fly into Haneda Airport Instead of Narita Airport

While the airfare to fly into Haneda Airport is usually a bit more expensive than that of Narita Airport, it is closer to Tokyo’s city center. This means you can reach Tokyo’s city center in less than 15 minutes after boarding the train.

You can refer to the train map HERE for ideas of how close Haneda Airport is to Shinagawa, one of the major stations in Tokyo.

Travel from Haneda Airport to Tokyo by Taxi

A taxi from Haneda Airport to Tokyo Station usually costs around 8,000 yen. Although it is the most expensive mode of transportation, taxis are available 24 hours a day, so it is a very convenient option for those arriving late at night or early in the morning. Also, if you carry very large and/or multiple pieces of luggage, taking a taxi that can drop you off or pick you up from anywhere will make your travel to and from the airport much easier.

But just bear in mind that the cost and the required time will increase significantly if you run into traffic jams.

Tip: Besides the standard taxis, there are also flat-rate taxis (定額制タクシー) that you can consider. Below is a list of our recommendations you can choose from.
☛ Book your fixed-rate private transfer from Haneda Airport through klook.
KM Taxi (also has services to Tokyo Disney Resort)
☛ If you read Japanese, you can book with Hoshimaru.

Important: Remember to ask for a receipt. If you have left anything on the taxi, it is the best way to identify which taxi you board when you call the taxi company.

Travel from Haneda Airport to Tokyo by Airport Limousine Bus


If your hotel is at one of the Airport Limousine Bus stops and you plan on traveling with your family or friends, taking the Limousine Bus from Haneda Airport to your hotel in Tokyo is probably the best option.

The airport shuttle stops at several bigger hotels in Shibuya, Shinjuku, and Ikebukuro. So if the bus stop at or close to your hotel in Tokyo, it is almost like taking a taxi from Haneda Airport at a really cheap rate!

Once you get to Haneda Airport’s arrival hall, you can purchase the bus ticket from the vending machine. If you are unsure which bus route to take, you can easily look it up when you arrive.

One thing to note is that more than one bus company provides shuttle bus services between Haneda Airport to Tokyo and surrounding prefectures.

  • The Airport Limousine Bus not only has stops at several locations in Tokyo’s 23 wards but also in Chiba, Saitama, Gunma, Tochigi, and Ibaraki Prefecture. It also has services to the Tokyo Disney Resort (=゚ω゚)ノ.
    • Refer to the Airport Limousine Bus website HERE for more information on the cost, the bus departure time, and the bus stops of the Airport Limousine Bus.
  • If you want to head straight to the popular tourist destinations in the Kantō region, such as Kamakura, Mt. Fuji/Kawaguchiko and Hakone, consider taking Keikyū Bus’s Airport Limousine. Refer to their website HERE for more information.

Tip: You can pay the bus fare with one of Japan’s transportation IC cards. But you will most likely still need to reserve a seat at the ticket counter at Haneda Airport. On the other hand, a reservation is not required when you board the bus in Tokyo.

Important: The bus fare may be much more expensive in the early morning and late at night.

Travel from Haneda Airport to Tokyo by Tokyo Monorail

If your first stop in Tokyo is on JR’s Yamanote Line and you arrive in Tokyo on the weekends or public holidays, taking the Tokyo Monorail could be the best option for you. While you have to make a transfer at Hamamatsu-chō Station (浜松町駅), the 500 yen Monorail and Yamanote Line Discount Ticket (モノレール&山手線内割引きっぷ) that is on sale during the weekends and public holidays allow you to board the Tokyo Monorail and get off at any stations on the Yamanote Line!


After you get to the arrival hall, follow the directory sign to the monorail station. The signs have a monorail icon and are written in both English and Japanese, so it should be easy to find the right direction.

As all trains departing from Haneda Airport are bound for Hamamatsu-chō Station, Tokyo Monorail is probably the best option for those traveling from Haneda Airport to Tokyo so that you won’t accidentally take the wrong train.

Refer to Tokyo Monorail’s website HERE for more information on the train line, including the timetable.

Tip: If you are transfering to JR lines at Hamamatsu-chō Station, the escalator to the JR platform is close to carriage no. 3. It will take around 3 minutes to walk for this transfer.

Travel from Haneda Airport to Tokyo by Keikyū Train

For those who want to head straight to Shinagawa Station, you will be there in less than 15 minutes once you board Keikyū’s airport line. In fact, taking the Keikyū train is probably the best option for many of us as it is cheaper than Tokyo Monorail, given the many discounted tickets the company has to offer!


For example, the Welcome! Tokyo Subway Ticket is a set ticket that includes a return trip to Haneda Airport and a Tokyo Subway 24-Hour, 48-Hour, or 72-Hour Ticket. With this ticket, not only is your return trip to Haneda Airport covered, but you can also use the ticket to get to most of Tokyo’s attractions for free within the ticket’s validity period.

For more information on a list of discounted tickets offered by Keikyū Train, refer to their website HERE!

Important: As much as we love the Keikyū Train, it can be confusing as to which train to take when you get to the platform, as the trains departing for Shinagawa/Tokyo and Yokohama share the same platform. So remember to check with the staff before boarding to ensure that you board the correct train.

Discover Tokyo’s Transportation Tickets That Can Save You Money

Now that you know how to get to Tokyo from Haneda Airport, the next step in your planning is probably finding out if there is a discounted transportation pass that will save you money.

So refer to our Guide to Tokyo’s Transportation Passes for a list of tickets that can be used in Tokyo and/or the surrounding tourist destinations!

Click the photo for more information about the useful transportation passes that might suit your itinerary!

Getting a Better Understanding of Tokyo’s Train System

Click the photo for a guide to Tokyo’s Train System!

If you had a chance to look at Tokyo’s train map, you might be startled at first glance. With so many train companies owning train lines and stations in Tokyo, the city’s train map can be confusing and complicated to many tourists.

So if you want to gain a better understanding of Tokyo’s train system, refer to our Guide to Tokyo’s Transportation System and Train Routes!