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The Best Guide to the Top Orchards in Tokorozawa City

During your time in Tokyo, if you want to experience fruit picking in Japan, there are a couple of good orchards in Tokorozawa. As the city is around a 30-minute train ride away from Shinjuku, many people who live in Tokyo visit these orchards when the fruits they like are in season. After all, fruit picking is fun, and the fruits sold at the orchards are cheaper than those sold in the supermarket. As a tourist, you can spend a few hours picking up fresh fruits and the rest of the day exploring the attractions nearby!

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Tokorozawa Vineyard (所沢ぶどう園)

The first orchard we want to introduce is Tokorozawa Vineyard. As its name suggests, the vast ground is covered by various types of grapes. Grape picking is mainly from early August to late September. Obviously, the season varies depending on the variety.

The rules at Tokorozawa Vineyard are a little bit different from those of other places. The admission fee is paid at the entrance before you enter the park. You will be given a sample of grapes available on the day to know which type of grape you want to pick once you are in the vineyard. Instead of the all-you-can-eat style, the grapes here are sold by weight. The grapes that you picked can be enjoyed at the rest area. You can always go back to pick more.

Tip: Free Sayama Tea (狭山茶) is available at the rest area. Grape juice and beer can be purchased from the counter.

The vineyard also has a farmer’s market at the entrance. Besides seasonal grapes and grape products, freshly harvested vegetables are also on the shelf.

There is a direct sales stand at the entrance of the vineyard, which sells seasonal grapes, grape products, and vegetables picked in the morning. The reception desk for grape picking is also a direct sales office.

You can refer to the Official Website for the type of grapes available and their season. Translate the page using Google Chrome’s translation function at the right of the address bar.

Tokorozawa Vineyard’s Business Hour, Admission Fee, and Access Information

  • Tokorozawa Vineyard is open from 9 am to 4:30 pm during the grape season.
  • The admission fee is
    • 200 yen for adults
    • 100 yen for elementary school students
  • The vineyard is around a 25-minute walk from Seibu’s Higashi-Tokorozawa Station (東所沢駅).
  • If you take a taxi from the station, it is a 5-minute drive.

Tanaka Vineyard (田中ぶどう園)

Another vineyard in Tokorozawa you can consider visiting is Tanaka Vineyard. A wide variety of grapes, including the new varieties, are growing from the mineral-rich soil. Organic fertilizers are used here so that the grapes here aren’t just delicious but healthier.

Grape picking season is from mid-August to early October. If you visit Tanaka Vineyard on a weekend or a public holiday between mid-September and early October, you can also pick chestnuts!

The rules here is the same as Tokorozawa Vineyard. The admission fee includes grape-tasting before fruit picking. The grapes you picked are sold according to their weight.

Tanaka Vineyard’s Business Hours, Admission Fee, and Access Information

  • Tanaka Vineyard is open from 10 am to 5 pm or until all ripped fruits are gone.
    • The last admission is at 4 pm.
  • The admission fee is 200 yen for adults and 100 yen for children from 3 years old to elementary school students.
  • From Seibu’s Shin-Tokorozawa Station (新所沢駅) east exit, take one of the below bus route.
    • Take a bus bound for Tokorozawa New Town (所沢ニュータウン) and get off at the last stop. Tanaka Vineyard is then a 13-minute walk.
    • Take a bus bound for Kōkūkōen Station (航空公園駅) and get off at Shiminbudōkan (市民武道館). Tanaka Vineyard is then an 8-minute walk.
      • You can also take this bus route running in the opposite direction from Kōkūkōen Station.

Kurihara Mushroom Farm (栗原しいたけ園)

For those who love shiitake mushrooms, visit Kurihara Mushroom Farm. The mushrooms here grow in Tokorozawa City’s famous Totoro Forest. The thick mushrooms cultivated from the logs’ nutrition taste exquisite!

 The mushroom farm is operated by a family. Visiting their farm is like visiting a friend who lives in the countryside. To make it more convenient for its guests, the logs with shiitake grown have been taken indoors. Thus, you can still enjoy picking up shiitake mushrooms even if the weather is bad. And because the logs are moved from the forest to a greenhouse, you can pick shiitake mushrooms from late August to late May.

Whether you like mushrooms or not, you will have a lot of fun finding the super-big shiitake mushroom. Some are almost half the size of an adult palm!

Just note that if a mushroom’s cap isn’t fully open yet, please leave it. Only the ones with caps fully open are ready to be eaten.

After you have your fill of mushroom-picking with your bare hands, the staff will weigh the mushroom for you. The cost is 300 yen per 100g.

Tip: The cap of shiitake mushrooms tends to open towards midday, so we recommend picking them in the morning!

If picking the mushrooms one by one from the log sounds like too much work, you can directly purchase some from the farm’s shop.

Making Your Shiitake Mushroom Picking Reservation

While the farm might still allow you to pick mushrooms without reservation, please make a booking with them by 6 pm by using one of the methods below.

Kurihara Mushroom Farm’s Business Hours and Access Information

  • Kurihara Mushroom Farm is open from 10 am to 4 pm from Friday to Monday and on public holidays from late August to late May.
  • The farm is a 17-minute walk from Seibu’s Seibu Kyūjō-mae Station (西武球場前駅).
  • You can also take Seibu’s Yamaguchi Line (山口線) and get off at Seibu Yūenchinishi Station (西武遊園地西駅). The farm is then a 15-minute walk.

Tokorozawa Kitada Strawberry Farm (所沢北田農園いちごのマルシェ)

Lastly, for strawberry lovers, visit Tokorozawa Kitada Strawberry Farm. Unlike the other three orchards we have introduced, the farm operates on an all-you-can-pick style. As soon as you enter the greenhouse, the nice aroma of strawberries surrounds you.

During the strawberry picking session, you are free to as many berries as you want. The best thing is a few varieties of strawberries should be available on the day!

Refer to our Tokorozawa Kitada Strawberry Farm for more informtion!

Yōko Farm (陽子ファーム)

If you are after organic vegetables and blueberries, Yōko Farm is the best spot in Tokorozawa. For over 30 years, Yōko has cultivated more than 100 varieties of vegetables and blueberries on her farm. The compost used here is made from fallen leaves and rice bran. After leaving the compost in the nearby mountain for a year, this organic material is transformed into the best fertilizer. The soil at the farm thus has a superb quality and is close to the soil found in wild nature.

However, the farmland that Yōko rented wasn’t nutritious in the beginning. In fact, the condition was poor, and the soil became stiff after rain. Much effort was put into making the field suitable for vegetable growing. In fact, sorghum was grown in the fields for two years to improve the soil quality.

The reason that Yōko is so particular about chemical-free soil is because such soil can cultivate vegetables with a rich original taste. Moreover, the vegetables are only harvested when they are ready to be consumed. This is why the taste is completely different from those sold in supermarkets.

Surprisingly, although the vegetables are organic, only a low percentage of them are damaged by insects. This is another key factor that attracts orders from chefs.

The farm is open for blueberry picking from late June to early August. There are more than 10 different kinds of blueberry to pick! The admission cost includes a punnet of berry. Please don’t overfill the punnet so the berries at the bottom won’t be crushed when you close the lid.

Yōko Farm’s Business Hours and Access Information

  • Yōko Farm is open from late June to early August for blue berry picking from
    • 9 am to 12 pm on weekdays
    • 9 am to 4 pm on weekends and public holidays
  • The cost is 1,200 yen.
  • The farm is a 20-minute walk from JR’s Higashi-Tokorozawa Station (東所沢駅).

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