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Mont Ceri. Morioka: The Vegan and Gluten-Free-Friendly Cafe

Close to Morioka’s famous landmark, Sakurayama Shrine (櫻山神社), Mont Ceri. Morioka is a bakery that aims to cater to everyone. And the good news is the bakery usually opens for breakfast at 7:30 am on weekdays. So, if you plan to visit Morioka, there is no need to rely on rice balls sold at convenience stores! In addition, because the Mont Ceri. is COYOTE Kyoto‘s branch in Morioka, the coffee here has a high standard. This is why the cafe’s formal name is Mont Ceri./ (モンスリ/コヨーテ).

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About Mont Ceri.

Mont Ceri. is what Sakurayama (桜山) means in French. The store is a cafe but also a bakery. At night, it becomes a bread-themed wine bar, which is really unique not just in Japan, but around the world.

Based on the store’s concept, “A Bakery With Bread for Everyone (誰でも食べられるパン屋さん)”, vegan, gluten-free, and low-sugar bread can be found on Mont Ceri.’s shelf.

Japan’s famous fruit sandwich is also sold here! Because the sandwich’s flavor changes according to the season, check with the staff if what is available now is vegan. The orange fruit sandwich available in spring has large pieces of fresh orange, caramelized almonds, and caramel cream between the toasts. Pairing with COYOTE’s coffee, it is a perfect afternoon tea!

☛ Whether you are a vegan or not, give the red bean paste and cheese cream bread (あんことチーズクリーム) a try. It is a vegan sandwich made using mini baguette with soy-based cream cheese and red bean paste made with beet sugar.
☛ If you aren’t a vegan, consider also getting their walnut butter bread (くるみバター). While it has an ordinary appearance, the taste and texture is amazing!

Apart from sweet bread, savoury bread with different fillings is also popular.

Mont Ceri.’s Morning Session

There are two breakfast set menus you can choose from. If you order both of them, the bread in each set differs. Moreover, the bread changes each week. So the same bread won’t be on the breakfast menu if you come back a week later.

Both breakfast sets come with a cup of COYOTE’s coffee.

  • If you go with Set A, you can choose two mini bread rolls from a couple of flavors.
  • Set B is a toast set. You won’t only get a slice of toast. It has toppings.

Mont Ceri.’s Business Hours and Access Information

  • Mont Ceri. is open from
    • 7:30 am to 9 am from Tuesday to Friday for breakfast
    • 11:30 am to 6 pm from Tuesday to Saturday
    • It may close on Monday as well. Refer to their Instagram Account for the business calendar. The bakery won’t open on the days marked with “休”.
  • The bakery is a one-minute walk from Sakurayama Shrine.
  • It is a 20-minute walk from Morioka Station.

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