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Okayama’s Top Spots to Enjoy Beaches and Ocean Views

If you are a beach lover and/or are after magnificent ocean views, consider visiting Okayama Prefecture when you visit Japan next time. Okayama has a plethora of amazing spots located on the Seto Inland Sea. Read on for our list of recommended destinations for stunning ocean views and beach activities in Okayama!

Kuroshima Venus Road (黒島ヴィーナスロード)

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One of Japan’s most romantic beaches can be found in Okayama Prefecture. Kuroshima Venus Road connects three islands on the Seto Inland Sea during low tide. You might spot a few heart-shaped stones as you stroll through the sandy path. If you and your beloved one find one, it is said you will have a happy relationship!

Kuroshima Venus Road is also where you can enjoy watersports, including stand-up paddle boarding and sea kayaking. Plus, the sunsets are some of the most amazing in the world!

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Seto Ōhashi Bridge Sightseeing Cruise (瀬戸大橋周遊観光船)

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Did you know there are sightseeing boats that leave from the Kohima Tourist Port for you to adore the spectacular Seto Ōhashi Bridge? The ferry also travels around the islands in the Seto Inland Sea.

The 45-minute cruise is a great way to take in the Seto Inland Sea‘s majestic views and get close up with the Seto Ōhashi Bridge. There is also a nighttime sightseeing cruise that runs from April to November, boasting amazing sunsets and a unique view of the bridge at night.

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Brazilian Park Washuzan Highland (ブラジリアンパーク 鷲羽山ハイランド)

Another unique way to view the Seto Inland Sea is from the Brazilian Park Washuzan Highlands. With tons of amusement park rides such as roller coasters and Ferris Wheels, you can get a one-of-a-kind perspective of the area.

For adventure seekers, there is a bicycle track 16 meters above the ground. And for a real thrill, you can try bungee jumping at the Brazilian Park Washuzan Highland.

How fun!

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Mt. Ōjigatake (王子が岳)

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If you love hiking, bouldering, or even paragliding, Mt. Ojigatake is the spot that you should visit.

The low mountain offers several hiking trails with breathtaking ocean views. The icon of the mountain is the Smiley Rock up on the ridgeline. It will definitely make you smile.

Moreover, the sunset view from the summit is amazing, and in spring, Mt. Ōjigatake is one of the hidden gems for cherry blossom hunting!

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Inujima Island (犬島)

If you are passionate about artwork, visit Inujima Island in Okayama City. Copper and granite used to be produced by quarries on the island. But nowadays, the island is one of Setouchi Triennale’s venues.

Many buildings on the island have been transformed into artworks. So when you visit Inujima, not only are you able to enjoy some beach activities and camping, you can indulge in a world of contemporary art!

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Ushimado Olive Garden (牛窓オリーブ園)

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The Ushimado Olive Garden is perfect for a relaxing afternoon with panoramic ocean views. The 10-hectare garden sitting atop a hill has various olive products on sale made from the olives from the 2,000 olive trees in the garden. You can also get some freshly made gelato from the Ushimado Gelato Studio Copio!

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Mt. Yudachiuke (夕立受山)

Another hiking spot with stunning ocean views is Mt. Yudachiuke, also known as Yudachiukeyama.

The hiking trail is suitable for all ages. And if you hike up in the late afternoon, you can adore one of the best sunset sceneries in the Seto Inland Sea.

The trailhead is a short 10 to 15-minute walk from the bus stop, and it only takes another 20 to 30 minutes to the summit. Especially in the spring, with the cherry trees in full bloom and autumn, with the colorful foliage, it is the spot that shouldn’t be missed out on!

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Okayama’s Best Cherry Blossom Destinations

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The Fall Foilage Destinations in Okayama Prefecture that You Probably Don’t Know

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Another perfect season to visit Japan is autumn. The season is longer than cherry blossom, so you are guaranteed some spectacular vivid scenery even if you didn’t spend much time planning.

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The Best Places in Okayama for Flower Hunting

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Discover the Best Shrines and Temples to Visit in Okayama

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