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Where to Adore Flowers Besides Cherry Blossom in Okayama

Okayama Prefecture in southwestern Japan’s main island offers scenic views of the Seto Inland Sea and is filled with amazing attractions. If you love to admire flowers but can’t visit the prefecture during the cherry blossom season, how about visiting some of the below spots for other types of beautiful flowers? Think Wisteria, Hydrangea, Lavender, and more!

Achi Shrine (阿智神社)

Located at the side of the Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter, the Achi Shrine sits atop Mt. Tsurugata and has a huge wisteria tree with a diameter of 1.5 meters. This amazing natural beauty is thought to be between 300 and 500 years old!

The wisteria season starts in late April and ends in early May. During the season, there is a 3-day event called Fujimi-no-Kai, where traditional Japanese music is performed each day under the wisteria pergola.

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Mt. Tanematsu Park (種松山公園西園地)

Another spot in Kurashiki City to enjoy the wisteria is Mt. Tanematsu Park. The park isn’t all about cherry blossoms. The wisteria blooms gorgeously in early May in the Japanese gardens.

In fact, the park has various types of flowers that bloom from late October to June!

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Shibukawa Park (渋川公園)

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Another stunning place to admire wisteria is Shibukawa Park in Tamano City, located next to Shibukawa Beach.

From the end of April to the beginning of May, the wisteria blooms on the 900-meter pergola in the park. The Shibukawa Wisteria Festival is held during this time and is the perfect place to enjoy these beautiful flowers.

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Miyama Park (みやま公園)

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Miyama Park is a 200-hectare park in Tamano City. The park has over 300 species of plants, but one of the main highlights is wisteria.

There are five different species of wisteria that make a beautiful kaleidoscope tunnel when they bloom in the spring. Also, be sure to visit Miyama British Garden in Mayama Park for the fragrant English roses that bloom throughout the summer!

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Kibitsu Shrine (吉備津神社)

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Kibitsu Shrine is a shrine that has a really unique ritual that you might want to participate in. Plus, the 400-meter corridor and the hydrangea flowers are also must-sees in Kibitsu Shrine’s precinct.

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Fumonji Temple (普門寺)

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Fumonji Temple in Maniwa City is known as the Flower Temple because it is filled with gorgeous flowers from spring to autumn. The hydrangea blooms from the middle of June to early July when the Hydrangea Festival is held. During the festival, you can rent a traditional kimono, adore the flowers and enjoy some delicious food!

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Cosmos Square (コスモス広場)

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Also located in Maniwa City is a scenic spot called Cosmos Square, with thousands of cosmos blooming in early autumn.

The Hokubō Cosmos Festival is held on the second Sunday of October and is a sight to behold. There are walking tours of the cosmos along the Bitchū River, as well as music and dance performances, food stalls, and exhibitions. Be sure to bring your camera when you visit Cosmos Square to capture some breathtaking photos.

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Hiruzen Herb Garden Herbill (蒜山ハーブガーデン ハービル)

With over 10,000 lavender that bloom in July and August, Hiruzen Herb Garden has the largest lavender field in all of western Japan.

© Okayama Tourism Federation

Besides the flowers, you can walk up a path to the forest and visit the lookout with panoramic views of the three peaks of Hiruzen. On the way down, you can stop at a small river to help cool off in the summer heat.

In addition to the fragrant lavender and other herbs, there are over 2,000 hydrangeas that bloom beautifully in summer. Be sure to stop by the little cafe near the entrance to the garden and try the lavender soft serve ice cream for a yummy treat!

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Hiruzen Highlands (蒜山高原)


A visit to the Hiruzen Highlands would not be complete without stopping by the blooming buckwheat fields. These little white flowers dot the scenery starting in mid-September. From the Kayabe Observatory Rest Area, you can enjoy scenic views of the blooming buckwheat fields with the spectacular mountain range in the background.

It is another amazing spot for photography, so be sure to bring your camera!

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RSK Rose Garden (RSK バラ園)


The best spot for rose hunting in Okayama Prefecture is the RSK Rose Garden which has blooming roses all year long. With over 450 varieties of roses, the vibe of the garden is romantic!

In addition to the roses, 12 different types of flowers bloom at different times of the year. When you visit the RSK Rose Garden, stop by the restaurant to see if it is open. There you can enjoy a cup of tea with rose honey.

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Hiruzen Kogen Center & Joyful Park (ヒルゼン高原センター・ジョイフルパーク)


If you love rhododendrons, you must take a trip to the Hiruzen Kogen Center & Joyful Park. At the park’s rear is a garden with 15,000 rhododendrons that bloom every year in May. With over 100 species in all colors, this is a spectacular place to hang out and take photographs.

Joyful Park is also an amusement park with lots of fun rides. The nearby Hiruzen Kogen Center offers delicious food and traditional souvenir shops. What a fun day!

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