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Tenjin Central Park – One of Fukuoka’s Most Popular Spots

Just a 5-minute walk from Fukuoka City Subway’s Tenjin Station (天神駅), the Tenjin Central Park (天神中央公園) is a popular spot to adore the cherry blossoms in early spring. So when you visit Fukuoka in late March, take a stroll along the Naka River (那珂川) and experience a tunnel formed by 50 cherry trees! Being surrounded by the beautiful pink flowers that inform us of the arrival of spring can be one of the most relaxing things to do.

In addition to the cherry blossoms, there are a few attractions in the park that you might be interested in stopping by all year round.

From late March to early April, the Cherry Blossom Festival is held. Besides the food stalls, the cherry blossom tunnel is lit up during the festival.

Also, throughout the year, food and specialty fairs are held at Festival Square (お祭りひろば), east of the park.

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Tip: You can join a Fukuoka Tenjin Area and Tosu Premium Outlets Private Shopping with Optional Hot Spring Experience Tour if you want to be guided!

Kihinkan Hall (貴賓館)

The French Renaissance-style Kihinkan Hall is formally known as The Previous Fukuoka Prefectural Civic Hall and Honorary Guest House. This landmark in the Tenjin area is an Important National Cultural Property.

Inside this building, completed in 1910, you can enjoy a cup of coffee in the cafe or even change into one of the vintage dresses!

  • If you are interested in the interior of Kihinkan Hall, it is accessible from 9 am to 6 pm from Tuesday to Sunday.
    • The last admission is taken at 5:50 pm.
    • It closes from the 29th of December to the 3rd of January.
    • If you understand Japanese, you can request a 30-minute guided tour. Volunteer guides are stationed from 10 am to 4 pm.
  • An admission fee of 200 yen will be charged (100 yen for children under 14).
  • If you are interested in the dress-up session, it is available from 9:30 am to 5 pm.
    • The dressing process takes around 30 minutes.
    • You can then wear the dress for 60 minutes.
    • The rental fee starts from 2,000 yen.
    • Emailing [email protected] to reserve your session is recommended.

Acros Fukuoka (アクロス福岡)

Ⓒ 福岡市

North of the Festival Square, you can visit one of the coolest buildings in Fukuoka, covered by greeneries. This building is called Acros Fukuoka.

The facility is similar to a cultural and art center where many cultural events are held. The Fukuoka Symphony Hall, where the locals appreciate classical music, is also an interesting place to stop by.

Furthermore, Fukuoka Prefecture‘s craftworks are permanently exhibited in the Takumi Gallery (匠ギャラリー).

In addition, you are able to head up to the rooftop observatory on weekends and public holidays! A panoramic view of the Tenjin area awaits you at the top!

Instead of taking the elevator, we suggest you take the stairs to stroll through the sky garden, where many rare greeneries are planted. Their names are labeled so you can Google them for more details if you are curious about what kind of plants they are.

Acros Fukuoka’s Opening Hours

  • The Sky Garden, and Step Garden are open from
    • 9 am to 6 pm from March to October
    • 9 am to 5 pm from November to February
  • The rooftop observatory is open from 10 am to 4 pm on weekends and public holidays.
    • It is closed from the 31st of December to the 2nd of January.

Soymilk Cafe TOFFEE Park (豆乳カフェTOFFEE Park)

North of the Kihinkan Hall, the drinks and desserts sold in the fashionable-looking Soymilk Cafe TOFFEE Park will blow your mind!

The cafe, opened by the Mihara Tofu Shop (三原豆腐店) in Kagoshima City, Saga Prefecture, designed its menu to make food that isn’t “a delicious product even with soy milk” but “a delicious product because it is soy milk”. This must be the reason why their soymilk shakes: SOYEET (ソイート), taste so good!

SOYEET is made from tofu gelato, and the strawberry-flavored SOYEET is completely handmade. The tofu gelato and the strawberries used are also from Saga Prefecture.

Chocolate (mocha) and espresso are the other two flavors that SOYEET is available in. It is a drink that even those who don’t normally like soymilk would enjoy.

Tip: The best time to visit the cafe is 11 am because you will just be in time for the freshly fried soymilk donuts! You can choose between two flavors: original and Kinako (sweetened soybean powder).

While sugars are sprinkled on top of the donuts, the donut isn’t all that sweet. So you won’t feel as guilty if you are on a diet.

Another recommended menu item is their Ice Tofu Choco (アイス豆腐チョコ). Although it isn’t vegan (since milk and honey are used), calories are halved compared to the normal Nama Chocolate.

Nama Chocolate is a type of ganache made from a mix of melted cacao and fresh cream.

As you bite into it, you can’t even tell that half of the chocolate you are eating is tofu! Instead of eating the chocolate frozen, if you leave it at room temperature for 5 to 10 minutes, the taste and texture will be really similar to a typical Nama Chocolate.

Important: If you don’t eat eggs, please avoid cheesecake and hotdogs.

Soymilk Cafe TOFFEE Park’s Business Hours and Access Information

  • Soymilk Cafe TOFFEE is open from
    • 10 am to 8 pm from Tuesday to Saturday
    • 10 am to 6 pm on Sundays
  • From Fukuoka City Subway’s Tenjin Station, it is around a 10-minute walk.

☛ If you want to try their soymilk donuts, arrive early before they sell out.
☛ If you can’t take dairy or wheat, skip the items marked with a milk bottle/wheat icon.

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