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The Top 10 Cherry Blossom Spots in Ishikawa Prefecture

If you plan to visit Kanazawa in spring, check out the below top 10 destinations to adore the gorgeous cherry blossoms in Kanagawa and the surrounding cities in Ishikawa Prefecture. Some might be intuitive, but it is also very likely that you will find some hidden gems you weren’t aware of, which will make you feel even more excited about your upcoming trip!

Here is a list of places that will be extra stunning in early spring each year.

Kenrokuen Garden (兼六園)

Endorsed as one of the Three Great Gardens of Japan, Kenrokuen, the symbol of Kanazawa, is particularly stunning in early spring. The 11-hectare garden that took 180 years to finish is gorgeous all year round. If the 20 different types of cherry trees blooming beautifully in spring isn’t enough to tempt you to Kenrokuen, then perhaps its Michelin Three-Star award can convince you to make the trip!

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Ⓒ Kanazawa City Tourism Association

Kanazawa Castle (金沢城)

Next to Kenrokue, this imposing castle was once the residence of the ruler of the Kanazawa Domain. Several fire hazards have since destroyed the castle. It is up to the visitors to imagine how magnificent the Kanazawa Castle used to look.

With that being said, the important buildings were restored in the late 20th century. With many cherry blossom trees planted on its ground, it is now another popular place in Kanazawa for people to admire the beauty of Japan’s national flower.

Ⓒ Kanazawa City Tourism Association

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Mt. Utatsu (卯辰山)

What many tourists might not be aware of when they visit Kanazawa in spring are the 250 cherry trees that bloom across the hill on Mt. Utatsu.

Although it is a 30-minute bus ride away from the city center, it is where you can enjoy the season with less crowd and more natural scenery instead.

The mountain is also known for the 200,000 irises of 100 different species. This is what has been luring Kanazawa’s citizens out of their homes in the early summer each year!

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Rojō Park (芦城公園)

Located in the outermost region of Komatsu Castle, Rojō Park was renovated from the third quarter of the castle into a Japanese-style park. During the cherry blossom season, from early to mid-April, the park is known for the illumination event involving 600 or so lanterns beautifully lit from 6 to 8 pm.

Furthermore, Rojō Park is still a great place to visit other than spring. Flowers such as azalea, wisteria, iris, and a lot more continuously bloom from April to August.

Alternatively, if you are more of a culturist than an anthophile, Rojō Park is also home to Komatsu City’s Museum, an art gallery, and a library!

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Lake Kiba (木場潟)

Also in Komatsu City, Lake Kiba has a different kind of charm to Rojō Park. Located in Kibagata Park, as you take an easy stroll along the 6.4 km promenade surrounding this lake, you will get a beautiful reflection of the cherry blossoms and Mt. Hakusan on the lake!

During other seasons, you can still enjoy pedaling along the promenade or paddling across the lake.

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Ringyō Shikenjō Jumoku Park (林業試験場樹木公園)

Ringyō Shikenjō Jumoku Park in Ishikawa Prefecture is a hidden gem to non-locals that boasts around 900 cherry trees. If you find yourself being on the way to Shirayama Hime Shrine (白山比咩神社) in Hakusan City from early April to early May, make sure you pay it a visit!

Ranked as the fourth-best cherry blossom site in the prefecture, the park has an extended cherry blossom season thanks to its 130 different varieties of cherry trees. So if you missed the season in Kanazawa, Ringyō Shikenjō Jumoku Park would be a great alternative site (^_-)-☆.

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Wagatani Dam (我谷ダム)

An off-the-beaten-path cherry blossom spot in Kaga City is Wagatani Dam. Located at the far back of Yamanaka Onsen Resort, the dam is a popular spot amongst many avid hikers.

Crossing the red bridge over the dam, the mountain trail leads to Mt. Fujishagadake, one of Japan’s Top 100 Mountains.

But if you are just there to enjoy the hot spring, you will still get some spectacular views across all seasons: the cherry blossom in spring, the bright and vivid colors in the fall, and along with the frozen landscape during the winter (particularly for those who are brave enough to leave the warmth of the ryokan rooms)!

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Chōryūtei Villa (長流亭)

Chōryūtei Villa, designed by the third lord of Daishōji Domain, is another hidden gem in Kaga City. Along the beautiful Daishōji River, a photo of the villa with the cherry blossoms reflecting on the water surface looks just like a priceless oil painting painted by one of the great masters in history!

If you are a student, you might want to join the suit and pray for academic success at Enuma Shrine close by to Sugawara no Michizane, a famous scholar!

For more information about the villa, please refer to our article on Kaga City.

Ōsegimiya Park (大堰宮公園)

Also in Kaga City, the Daishōji River, which flows through the Ōsegimiya Park, is an ideal place to admire the cherry blossoms if you are anywhere near Yamashiro Onsen Town from early to mid-April.

The off-the-beaten-path destination is a gorgeous park to take a leisurely stroll underneath the trees dyed in pink or even go on a picnic! If you are an active person, renting a bicycle and cycling through the park is another way to enjoy Ōsegimiya Park!

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