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A Guide to What to Do at Tokorozawa Aviation Memorial Park

If you are an aviation buff, the 50-hectare Tokorozawa Aviation Memorial Park (所沢航空記念公園) in Tokorozawa City is a spot of your interest. The Tokorozawa Aviation Museum is where you can get close to an aircraft and better understand the aviation industry. In addition, the vast park built on the site of Japan’s first official airfield is now where the locals go for a relaxing stroll or jogging and enjoy the big playground and sports courts. In spring and autumn, people also gather at Tokorozawa Aviation Memorial Park to adore the scenery created by gorgeous flowers and vivid fall leaves.

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Tokorozawa Aviation Museum (所沢航空発祥記念館)


Because the park was the first site in Japan where airplanes were produced and pilots were trained, it is known as the Birthplace of Japanese Aviation (日本の航空発祥の地). So, in 1993, the Tokorozawa Aviation Museum was completed to commemorate the history and create a spot for the locals to peek into the aviation industry.

The YS-11, close to the museum’s entrance, was the first domestically produced passenger aircraft after the war.

Soon after you enter the museum, the military jets and helicopters hung in the air create an illusion that they are flying above your head. The first one is a replica of Japan’s first military jet, completed in 1911. It was created by modeling the Henry Farman 1909 biplane. The exciting news is that there are also aircraft that you can enter in the dome. For example, you can sit in the cockpit of the Cessna T310Q.

Flight simulators are also there for you to experience what it is like working as a pilot!

Moreover, there is a low-gravity simulator where visitors can experience what it is to walk on the moon.

Tip: On weekends and public holidays, pilot and air attendant costume rentals are available for photography.

Tokorozawa Aviation Museum’s second floor is transformed into a control tower of an airport. The control panels here were used by the Tokyo Area Air Traffic Control Center (国土交通省東京航空交通管制部) at the park’s east. Feel free to press the buttons on the control panels. Videos of the activities at Narita Airport and communication between pilots and air traffic controllers are also shown here.

Tokorozawa Aviation Museum’s Opening Hours and Admission Fee

  • Tokorozawa Aviation Museum is open from 9:30 am to 5 pm from Tuesday to Sunday.
    • If Monday is a public holiday, it closes on the next business day.
    • The last admission is at 4:30 pm.
  • The admission fee to the Exhibition Hall is
    • 520 yen for adults
    • 100 yen for elementary and junior high school students
  • The admission fee for the theater is
    • 630 yen for adults
    • 260 yen for elementary and junior high school students
  • The set ticket for admission to the Exhibition Hall and the theater costs
    • 840 yen for adults
    • 320 yen for elementary and junior high school students

Tip: Show the Internet Coupon (インターネット割引券) to the staff at the ticket office for a discount to the admission fee.

Teahouse Saishōtei (彩翔亭)

When you need a rest, visit the park’s teahouse, Saishōtei. Order a cup of matcha tea and enjoy it with a traditional sweet. The cafe has a small Japanese garden, making the entire experience more authentic. It is the best setting for an afternoon tea in Japan.


The best news is that cold matcha is on the menu. The freshly made match with ice is the best drink to order in summer.

  • Saishōtei is open from 10 am to 4 pm.
    • The last order is taken at 3:45 pm.
  • The teahouse is usually open from Wednesday to Sunday.
  • If you read Japanese, you can refer to their menu HERE.

Events at Tokorozawa Aviation Memorial Park

Hot Air Balloon Session

From March to December, you can board a hot air balloon at Tokorozawa Aviation Memorial Park. The 360-degree panoramic view from about 20 meters above the ground attracts the locals to the park on the day. When the sky is clear, Mt. Fuji and Tokyo Sky Tree can be seen!

Just note the balloon is stationed in the park. It won’t carry you anywhere else.

For the hot balloon session’s schedule, refer to the official website HERE and translate it using Google Chrome’s translation function at the right of the address bar.

Flea Market at Tokorozawa Aviation Memorial Park

A flea market is held at Tokorozawa Aviation Memorial Park twice a month. The scale of this market is big, with as many as 200 stalls set up for the day. As you can imagine, a variety of items are on sale, including clothes, miscellaneous goods, handmade accessories, and baby items. So, how about having a treasure hunt if the event date fits into your itinerary?

You can refer to the official website HERE and translate it using Google Chrome’s translation function at the right of the address bar for the event date.

Tokorozawa Aviation Memorial Park’s Flower Calendar

In spring, visit the park for the cherry blossoms. The 500 cherry trees create a breathtaking view when the flowers reach full bloom. The locals also visit the park for hydrangea from late May to early June and ginkgo in November.

  • Plum blossom: February
  • Cherry blossom: Late March to the beginning of April
  • Sakura Gyoiko (御衣黄桜): mid to late April
    • Gyoiko is a type of cherry blossom that has green flowers.
  • Autumn foliage: early November to early December

Tokorozawa Aviation Memorial Park’s Access Information

Tokorozawa Aviation Memorial Park is at Seibu’s Kōkū-kōen Station (航空公園駅) east exit.

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